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two articles on feline coat-color genetics
(written while his great-grandfather, Alethea's Kamehameha, was at stud)

first day in his new home

Placed as a Neuter
CFA & TICA registered

about 4 months - and his dam
Brenwood's The SandCat of Alethea

"The above illustration shows Darkover as the planet on the left
with its four moons: Liriel, Kyrrdis, Idriel and Mormallor.
In the background is a representation of the Cottman red giant star."

I have videos - trying to work out
​how to post them!

this is his sire,
Alethea's Blue Moon over Shangri-La

Alethea's Kyrrdis

he likes these!

(now known as "Baby Moon")

where does his name come from?
photo credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkover

Burmese cats

He is named after the Blue Moon of Darkover, a Science Fiction world created by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Placed ... see Alters page for available young adults

"Baby Moon"

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