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Fabulous cat - great pedigree - placement for breeding or Forever Home

Last Breeding Female

Placed, ACFA & TICA registered

Retired -- My Pet 

Placed CFA & TICA registered

Blue Male Burmese, 2016-06-09

  • Alethea's Kyrrdis, quarter Tonkinese
    placed as a Neuter - see Alter page

Chocolate Spay Burmese, 2012-07-17

  • Brenwood The SandCat of Alethea, half Tonkinese

Placed, TICA, ACFA registered


Last Breeding Male

Suncoast Gabriella of Alethea

Sable female Burmese, carrying blue & chocolate 

b. 2016-04-18

CFA & TICA registered

Half Thai import for genetic diversity

Blue Male Burmese, 2007-01-29

  • Alethea's Blue Moon Over Shangri-La, traditional Burmese

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Placed, CFA registered

SandCat assists in testing Live Stream for YouTube

More photos on her page

more pix see her page

Chocolate Female Burmese, 2015-10-15

  • Alethea's Miss Truffle, quarter Bombay, quarter Tonkinese
    placed as a Spay - see Alter page

Bloodstock is chosen for health, genetic diversity, and temperament

Alethea's Will Riker

Chocolate male Burmese, possibly carrying blue

​b. 2015-10-15

ACFA & TICA registered
Quarter Bombay, Quarter Tonkinese for genetic diversity

More photos on her page

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ACFA, TICA, CFA registered


Tentatively placed March 2019

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Chocolate Female Burmese, 2017-08-22