Burmese cats

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UBCF -- United Burmese Cat Fanciers

FBRL - Fanciers' Breeder Referral List

  • ​​To create and develop interest and knowledge of the Burmese cat, and in the care, health and breeding thereof. 
  •  To seek to establish markets for the breed.
  • To cultivate acquaintanceship among members.
  • To promote and advance in every way possible the interest of owners,  breeders, and exhibitors of Burmese cats.
  • To determine standards of the Burmese cat.
  • To maintain, develop, and publish information concerning the breed  and individual Burmese cats.

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Bast Buddies - exquisite gifts

Burmese Burmilla pedigree database

- UBCF Mission 2008 Statement

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- Color mating chart

- Cat related gifts
- Goddess related gifts

​- gemstone related gifts

- Designer Fine Jewelry

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Burmese Genetics articles
             - hosted by Moonmaid Cattery
             - written by Alethea Cattery

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