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Burmese cats

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first of all, ask any questions you want. 
I am here to make your new friend's transition - and yours - as easy as possible

Cats often adjust faster if initially confined to a single room, then have a safe base
from which to explore their new abode.

I am on a septic system, so I am using litters which decompose quickly.

My favorite for raising kittens is World's Best Cat Litter, but Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Cat Litter works well too: the cats like the paw-feel & *use* it.
What I normally use is a blend of 1/3 part Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter plus 2/3 part (hen) Scratch Grains (yes, chicken food).

My suggestion is grab a bag of any of the corn or wheat or walnut based clumping-type litters -- they should all have similar paw-feel to them ... and use the bag to transition to a litter suitable to your situation.

Update:  I have changed things up a bit.  Rather than the non-clumping walnut + Scratch grains, I am using the clumping walnut + Good Mews (3 parts walnut, 2 parts mews) ... one house cat objected to the Mews, and is on a blend of clumping unscented clayclumping walnut (3 parts walnut, 2 parts clay).  For the clumping clay, Scoop Away, Arm & Hammer, & Fresh Step have all been good.

I don't know anything about, but their website seems to have a variety of types of cat litter for window-shopping.

* New! *  (Well, a year ago now)  I have recently come across the Pretty Litter product.  I have not had occasion to try it myself, but look forward to hearing from someone who has.

Notes on Cat Litter

Notes on Cat Food

I have mostly young/growing or breeding animals.  Your situation is likely different.  Select a quality food suitable for your situation.

It is my custom to send along a ziploc baggie of food -- suggested transition is first day my food, a day or two feed 2 parts my food, 1 part your intended food -- finish off the ziploc with 1 part my food, 2 parts your food.

my current "house blend" is 15 lb Taste of the Wild (either flavor) to 12 lbs Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness.  These, of course, are for growing and breeding cats.  For alters (spays & neuters) and rescue cats, I frequently choose Diamond Cat products.

For those who live in or near Canada, I have been happy with the Royal Canin foods as well

Info for cat & kitten adoptions

Please report successes as well as frustrations;
​I love to receive photos of my former cats enjoying their new homes.