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  • Automatic Washing of Granules
  • No litter to dispose of
  • Safe for septic systems
  • One-time connect to cold water,
    toilet or washer out-flow, plugs in

  • Subscriptions for disinfecting cleansing fluid available
  • website catgenie dot com




Self Cleaning Catbox by Petmate

Roll' N Clean Litterbox by Omega Paw 

Product photos belong to the Sellers on Amazon and respective Manufacturers

Large Sifting Pan by Petmate

  • "splash Proof"
  • Has a spot to store the scoop
  • Use any litter
  • Earth friendly materials
  • Can be used as a hidey bed instead
  • Automatic scooping - electricity
  • Wifi notifications
  • Use any clumping litter
  • Filtered
  • Warranty
  • TImer, Nightlight, sleepmode
  • website litter-robot dot com

Runners - Up

Low Tech - nothing to go wrong!

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

  • Use any litter
  • Covered & filtered
  • Easy to clean
  • ASIN B0002DH8KU
  • Self Cleaning
  • Rotates - requires electricity
    one rotation about 90 minutes

  • Motor "quiet"

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Globe Shaped Splash-Proof by Cat Boss 
   with Air filtration

Low-Tech/Old-School and High-Automation/High-Tech categories below the signature block

  • Available in two sizes, see Omega Paw's website for more information (measurements) and Where To Buy.
  • Uses your choice of clumping cat-litter.
  • Low tech - no power-out failures.  Simply roll the box upside down to sift the clumps, roll back to return the cleaned litter to its operational status.


  • Use any clumping litter
  • Extra pan - sift into new pan
  • Easy to sift

Some of you know, Alethea Cattery is currently in hiatus, due to interim life events. 

It has been refreshing to take a new look at the changes in available products for pet-care, and the changes in social acceptance of healthy pets and planet being a priority.

This, then, is my personal "picks" of some of the better available cat boxes. With some discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Product photos belong to the Sellers on Amazon and respective Manufacturers

CatGenie A.I.

Booda Dome by Petmate


High Automation - leave it to the technology

  • I haven't been able to locate vendor website
  • On Amazon, ASIN B081NJY85Z, B07TV59TZJ


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Comparing alternatives for cat litter boxes

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