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Burmese cats

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A Priestess of Astrology & Astronomy, JoJo is passionate about Astrology and Astronomy and has dedicated her most recent studies to this area.  She is excited to draw upon her many life experiences which include four decades of ministry, Professional Project Management since 1991,  Stealth Technology & Antennas research and development since 1984, Electromagnetics-Optics-Acoustics since the mid 80’s, and scattering simulation in Random Media since the early 80’s.  She also brings with her over five decades of research and development in Mathematics Education,  40+ years in Choreography, 25 years in Feline Genetic Health, 20 years in General Aviation & Investment Planning, along with Calligraphy, Chromodynamics, Orchestration, and Oceanography.  She is inspired and excited to bring this sovereign information to anyone who wants to learn how to leverage Astrology & Astronomy in their lives.  

Cat photographs are of Brenwood The SandCat of Alethea
Chocolate Burmese spay, b 17-Jul-2012

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